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'Last Man Standing' Premiere: Does the Show Look Different on Fox? (PHOTOS)

Fri, 09/14/2018 - 4:00pm

Like any revival, the fan fervor surrounding Fox's upcoming season of Last Man Standing is at an all time high, and newly released images from its Season 7 return.

Despite the network switch from ABC to Fox, it appears not much has changed for the Baxter family as they go through life. Return to the home where it all began, revisit the characters you fell in love with, and more.

 'Lethal Weapon,' 'Last Man Standing' & More Fox Fall 2018 Premiere Dates: 'Lethal Weapon,' 'Last Man Standing' & More

Plus, find out when new series like 'The Cool Kids' and 'Rel' will make their debuts.

Click through the gallery above for the sneak peek at Last Man Standing's upcoming return, and don't miss it when the show premieres this fall on Fox.

Last Man Standing, Season 7 Premiere, Friday, September 28, 8/7c, Fox

'Law & Order: SVU' Premiere: Rollins' Guy Drama & Dylan Walsh Makes His Debut (PHOTOS)

Fri, 09/14/2018 - 3:00pm

Law & Order: SVU returns for its twentieth season on September 27 with an "unforgettable case," according to a promo.

In new photos from the two-hour premiere episode, "Man Up," we see the main cast back in action — Mariska Hargitay as Lieutenant Olivia Benson, Kelli Giddish as Detective Amanda Rollins, Peter Scanavino as Detective Dominick 'Sonny' Carisi, and Ice T as Sergeant Odafin 'Fin' Tutuola. Plus, we also get to see Rollins' daughter and new love interest Dr. Al Pollack, played by George Newbern.

 The Benson-Stabler Chemistry, Best Storylines & How It Might End Mariska Hargitay Talks 20 Years of 'SVU': The Benson-Stabler Chemistry, Best Storylines & How It Might End

Plus, the actress reveals her favorite guest star and what almost got her fired from the show.

Additionally, the squad begrudgingly welcomes a new recurring character in Gavin Riley (Mark Tallman), the chief of detectives, who isn't afraid to burn a bridge or two. And we see a new character named John Conway — played by Nip/Tuck star Dylan Walsh, a respected community member and "major beverage distributor."

The Season 19 finale left one character in particular in tears: new ADA Peter Stone (Philip Winchester), whose sister was murdered after she was abducted by criminals involved in a border-crossing, sex-trafficking ring. One of his pursuits this season will be finding justice for her death.

Click through the gallery above for a sneak peek at the premiere episode, and check out the promo below.

Law & Order: SVU, Season 20 Premiere, Thursday, September 27, 9/8c, NBC

'NCIS' Premiere: A Time Jump, a Crossover & a 'Period of Adjustment' Post-Abby

Fri, 09/14/2018 - 1:30pm

The closing moments in Season 15 of NCIS saw terrorists kidnap NCIS director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll), and, executive producer Frank Cardea says, "We pick up literally a few hours after we left you."

At least until the opening credits. Then the action jumps a month ahead, with Special Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon) — now acting director — coordinating the still-ongoing search.

'NCIS' Star Brian Dietzen Opens Up About Season 16 Without Pauley Perrette 'NCIS' Star Brian Dietzen Opens Up About Season 16 Without Pauley Perrette

'I'm bummed to see you go, but I'm also excited to see what you do next,' said the actor.

The cast is also facing an offscreen challenge as they enter the first season without fan favorite Pauley Perrette. "When Michael Weatherly left two years ago, it was a period of adjustment," Cardea says. "I think we’ll probably go through the same thing."

After three guest spots last spring, Diona Reasonover’s quirky Kasie steps into the lab full time. "She’s still a temporary employee," Cardea says. "Around Episode 4 or 5, she becomes permanent."

00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: Rocky Carroll Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Rocky Carroll in NCIS.

Another highlight for late fall: an episode shot at Naval Air Station Point Mugu in California. "We’ve got big airplanes and big scope," Cardea says. Speaking of big, Gibbs takes a trip to the Big Easy — as in NCIS: New Orleans — for its season premiere. Best Tuesday since Mardi Gras!

NCIS, Season 16 Premiere, Tuesday, September 25, 8/7c, CBS

Christina Pickles on Winning Her First Emmy at 83, 'St. Elsewhere' & 'Friends' Memories

Fri, 09/14/2018 - 1:00pm

After her lucky number seventh nomination Christina Pickles finally took home her first Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series at last week's Creative Arts Emmy ceremony.

The 83-year-old star won based on work playing the lead role of Biz Brantly on the web series Break a Hip. The native Brit was nominated in the past for St. Elsewhere on five occasions for Nurse Helen Rosenthal on the 1980s drama St. Elsewhere. Then 23 years ago, Pickles received a nod for her portrayal of Ross and Monica’s mom Judy Geller on Friends.

“I was shocked,” she said, reliving the moment the streak of losses ended at the Creative Arts Emmy award ceremony earlier this month.

 EGOT for John Legend, 'Queer Eye' & Anthony Bourdain Win Early Awards Creative Arts Emmy 2018 Winners: EGOT for John Legend, 'Queer Eye' & Anthony Bourdain Win Early Awards

Anthony Bourdain won six posthumous awards for 'Parts Unknown.'

“I’ve sat in an audience six times with my little speech, which I’ve never gotten to give. I was used to being rejected. This time I wasn’t. To hear my name I thought, ‘Oh God, am I imagining this?’ Cameron [Watson], our writer/director/producer, turned to me and said, ‘You won!’ I leapt to my feet and went up on stage. I was very, very happy.”

At the center of Break a Hip is Biz, the often-crabby veteran actress who hires 20-something acting newbie Wincy (Britt Hennemuth) to work for her. The generational gap brings laughs, but in the end, there is an unlikely bond that forms between the two. Pickles attributes much of the Emmy to the writing on the show.

“Everything begins and ends with the writing. The words you get to say, and if you have enough of them. If it’s fun and exciting and the writing is good, then you have a big chance,” she said. “If it’s not, you have no chance. The writing on St. Elsewhere was wonderful, but they never really wrote the script for me really. One that people can sit and look and see it was all about her. It wasn’t. I was the head nurse at the hospital, but it wasn’t all about me.

“People say age is just a number, but that is kind of ridiculous. If you’re old, you’re old. I’m old, but I’m funny. And if you’re funny, you can do a lot. I play a funny, cranky old lady. I’m right for it. So, if the script is there and they write something for an old person, that old person will show up. It’s all about the writers. It’s not about the actors.”

Britt Hennemuth and Christina Pickles (Break A Hip Productions)

Sprinkled in the first two seasons are A-list guest stars including a pair of Academy Award winners. Pickles enjoys when new talented faces come on set.

“Because we’re doing this series in Hollywood, actors don’t work all the time, every single day when they are in the middle of a movie. We were terribly lucky in being able to get Allison Janney on her day off. We also got Octavia Spencer and Priscilla Barnes when they weren’t working,” she said.

“I think they were amazingly wonderful in it as all the young people who aren’t famous yet. But they are very funny and good. That’s what I like about the show because it’s not just about an old woman. It’s about a young man and his friends and their world as it meets my world.”

Pickles likes the open creative collaboration between herself, also a producer, and Watson. They are a sounding board for each other. She describes the freedom as a dream come true. The hope is to build on the award buzz and awareness of the show with a season three.

 Matt Roush Gives His Series & Acting Picks 2018 Emmy Predictions for Limited Series: Matt Roush Gives His Series & Acting Picks

Find out which nominees may walk home with a statue on September 17.

“I would love to do four, five, six, seven. As many as we can do,” Pickles said. “We have some wonderful storylines. One of them hasn’t been written but is an idea is that Biz and Wincy move in together because they have to financially. Then this offshoot of the odd couple.”

The landscape of Hollywood is far different than when Pickles initially entered the business. However, she has managed to change with the times thanks to digital projects such as Break a Hip.

“This started because I told Cameron one day when we were having lunch that we have to do a web series,” Pickles said. “He said, ‘Yes, we do.’ Then he went home and wrote it. We were able to do it by raising money, $22,000 for the first nine episodes. We shot it in nine days.

“The second season we raised $16,000 and shot it again in nine days. If you look at any of it, you’d see the quality of it is like a movie. It’s wonderful. We’re so lucky because the crew and the cinematographer wanted to do this show for no money. They loved it that much. People loved the writing.”

Allison Janney, Christina Pickles, Britt Hennemuth (Break A Hip Productions)

Moving forward the hope is to add more financial backing that would allow cast and crew to work on the show with more ease.

“Or even move it from the internet into a studio situation,” she added. “I don’t think that will happen for another season. We have to take a big breath and do season three. Then I think the history of web series being moved is pretty much after season three. I think we will be because the story does resonate with people. I think it can be a 30-minute show as long as they don’t change the heart of the show. There is a lot of heart there.”

With TV credits going all the way back to the 1970s soaps Guiding Light and Another World, Pickles is appreciative for every quality opportunity that comes her way at this stage in the game. She also remains grateful for the journey thus far.

“Matthew Perry and I were sitting for one of the scenes. I think it was a wedding reception or something. There were a lot of people and tables. He happened to be sitting next to me for the scene. At one point he said to me, ‘You know you’re very lucky. You’ve been in two of the greatest hits on television,’” Pickles recalled.

“And it’s true. St. Elsewhere was highly regarded and Friends is a miracle that goes on. It’s on now. I was very lucky. There were long periods in between where I wasn’t so lucky, but I’ve had fabulous chances to have a good time.”

Photo by: Maggie Smith

This year marks 20 years since St. Elsewhere left the airwaves. Friends is as popular as ever in syndication and streaming. Will we ever see a revival of either? Pickles doesn’t think so.

“They were so perfect, I wouldn’t want to mess with them,” she said. “I think those kids have moved on. I don’t think they will do another one. They’ll do Break a Hip instead.”

On her new golden statue, Pickles has a special place in her home for the Emmy.

“It’s on the mantlepiece in front of a mirror so she can look at herself,” she said.

Break a Hip is available at

A taped broadcast with highlights from the Creative Arts Emmy Awards ceremony airs Saturday, September 15, at 8/7c on FXX.

'This Is Us': Romance & Family Conflict Feature in Newly Released Promo (VIDEO)

Fri, 09/14/2018 - 12:45pm

We're now just over a week away from the Season 3 premiere of This Is Us and NBC's newly-released promo has fans chomping at the bit.

In the less than one minute segment, viewers are given plenty to digest, including a look at the start of the relationships between Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Zoe (Melanie Liburd). There's also some drama for Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Déjà (Lyric Ross) included within the montage.

 NBC Releases New Images Teasing Jack-Rebecca Romance (PHOTOS) 'This Is Us' Season 3: NBC Releases New Images Teasing Jack-Rebecca Romance (PHOTOS)

The Pearsons are back.

Get ready for a swell of emotion, made even more intense with Rebecca saying "The way that you look at me, wow!" to Jack; or Déjà dramatically addressing Randall with "You try and pretend like we're the same." Randall counters saying he's not trying to pretend, but Déjà doesn't seem convinced. Fans who caught last season's finale know that things didn't end well for Déjà, who was seen smashing the family car, and that will be addressed in the premiere.

Among some of the teaser's other highlights: Toby (Chris Sullivan) and Miguel (Jon Huertas) dancing around the kitchen, as well as some quality uncle-niece time for Kevin, Tess (Eris Baker), and Annie (Faithe Herman). The promo concludes on a high note, as a young Jack tells Miguel he's met the girl aka Rebecca.

NBC Reveals Breathtaking 'This Is Us' Season 3 Key Art (PHOTOS) NBC Reveals Breathtaking 'This Is Us' Season 3 Key Art (PHOTOS)

The images were shot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Catch the warm and fuzzy teaser below.

For those who aren't sure they can wait until September 25, fans are in luck because NBC will air a special, The Paley Center Salutes This Is Us, on Tuesday, September 18 at 10/9c.

This Is Us, Season 3 Premiere, Tuesday, September 25, 9/8c, NBC

'Superstore' Preview: It's About to Get Super Awkward for Amy & Jonah (VIDEO)

Fri, 09/14/2018 - 12:30pm

Clean up on Aisle Jamy!

When Superstore wrapped its third season back in May, fans saw the long-awaited get-down between Amy (America Ferrera) and Jonah (Ben Feldman). And thanks to a hidden camera and a live-stream feed, so too did the entire global Cloud 9 employee roster!

Eden Sher to Guest Star on 'Superstore' Ahead of 'The Middle' Spinoff Eden Sher to Guest Star on 'Superstore' Ahead of 'The Middle' Spinoff

Cloud 9 is on the search for another great employee.

You see, the entire team had gathered for a webcast town hall with their shady CEO when they bore witness to this rendezvous.

So how can the Sam and Diane of big-box retail rebound from their now-notorious backroom liaison? Well, based on this exclusive sneak peek at Season 4, it won't be easy but at least the scandal has scored one of them a pretty baller new nickname.

Check out the full preview below:

Superstore, Season 4 Premiere, Thursday, October 4, 8/7c, NBC

'Baymax Dreams' Voice Actor Brooks Wheelan Says the 'Big Hero 6'-Inspired Series Is 'Like a Comic'

Fri, 09/14/2018 - 12:00pm

When androids go to sleep at night, do they dream of robotic sheep? Turns out that’s an affirmative, according to Baymax Dreams — a delightful batch of animated mini-episodes inspired by Disney’s Big Hero 6 superhero movie and its Emmy-nominated TV spinoff.

Taking a break from the crime-fighting action at the fictional San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, these three new streaming shorts set out to reveal exactly what goes through the head (or is that operating system?) of Baymax, our favorite amorphous cyborg, as he’s catching ZZZs.

5 Animated Series That Aren't Just for Kids 5 Animated Series That Aren't Just for Kids

Cartoons aren't just for kids any more, as these 5 shows prove.

Since Baymax Dreams was animated with cutting-edge digital software — the kind that’s typically used for video games — the clips closely resemble the Oscar-winning film but still retain the warm heart and soul of the more traditionally rendered Disney Channel series.

And it’s those very qualities that have the cast singing the show’s praises for drawing outside the lines of the average cartoon. Season 1 "was serialized with a main villain and a long arc," notes Saturday Night Live veteran Brooks Wheelan, who voices goofy SFIT mascot Fred. "It’s more like a comic book."

Both the shorts and the series serve to further flesh out the costumed misfits at the center of the Big Hero 6 story, giving fans something more to cheer for than just frenzied chase scenes and goofy gadgetry. Confirms Khary Payton (the voice of über-organized student Wasabi), "There’s been a beautiful development of relationships between all of the characters." In other words: Sweet Dreams are made of this!

Baymax Dreams, Series Premiere, Saturday, September 15, DisneyNOW, Disney Channel, YouTube

'The Good Cop' Premiere: Josh Groban Reveals How Tony Danza Taught Him the TV Ropes

Fri, 09/14/2018 - 11:00am

What if The Odd Couple’s Felix and Oscar solved crimes? Tony Caruso Sr. (Tony Danza) is a rule-breaking former cop, while his son/roommate, TJ (four-time Grammy nominee Josh Groban) is a by-the-book officer who won’t cross the street if a broken light is stuck on red in Netflix's The Good Cop.

As TJ embarks on unraveling case-of-the-week mysteries, his dad butts in and offers (unsolicited) advice. “We made the stories as playful as our characters,” explains executive producer Andy Breckman (Monk). Danza and Groban give us the full report.

Tony Danza Returns to TV in Netflix's 'The Good Cop' Trailer (VIDEO) Tony Danza Returns to TV in Netflix's 'The Good Cop' Trailer (VIDEO)

Danza taps into his 'paternal' side for the new series costarring Josh Groban.

Josh, this is your first series. How’s it going?

Groban: I’ve done cameos here and there [most recently on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend] and a year on Broadway [The Great Comet], but I’ve never done anything like this. I learned a lot from Tony.
Danza: We shot in the winter in Queens. I just told Josh, “Buck up!” But from the first moment, he didn’t need advice. We were doing a scene with Josh’s stunt double — a knock-down, drag-out fight — and I’m telling you, Josh does it better than the other guy. It looked real.

We know the characters are different, but how are they similar?

Groban: They each have an innate ability to look at a crime scene and see how things could’ve gone down. And there’s light and dark in both of them. They do share the same DNA, after all.
Danza: That’s the thing that bothers TJ so much—he sees [the similarities] himself. And they’re grieving. What can you say about the death of Tony’s wife/TJ’s mother?
Groban: She was killed in a hit-and-run. When she was lost, their world spun upside down.
Danza: It’s a great story, isn’t it?

Tony sings the show’s theme song. Josh, will you be singing too?

Groban: I thought it would be funny if TJ was tone deaf and can’t sing to save his life! He can play piano, though, so there’s some father-son accompanying.

The Good Cop, Series Premieres, Friday, Sept. 21, Netflix

'Better Call Saul' Sneak Peek: Jimmy & Kim Conquer the Office Party (VIDEO)

Fri, 09/14/2018 - 10:30am
 Nicole Wilder/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

An office party can be daunting for any attendee — especially one filled with lawyers. But Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) is up for the task in a sneak peek from Monday's Better Call Saul.

In the episode, titled "Something Stupid," we see Jimmy and Kim(Rhea Seehorn) paired together once more. When Kim drags Jimmy along to Schweikart and Cokely for the shindig, he asks the question on everyone's mind: "Anyone in particular you want me to talk to... or not talk to?"

The Jimmy-Kim Divide & More Major 'Better Call Saul' Moments From 'Piñata' (RECAP) The Jimmy-Kim Divide & More Major 'Better Call Saul' Moments From 'Piñata' (RECAP)

In this week's episode, 'Piñata,' Jimmy's transformation into Saul raged on.

Their growing divide apparent in his question, though Kim responds with a simple, "Talk to anyone. Really, just have fun."

But it's the next words out of Kim's mouth that truly ring false, as if she needs to convince herself. "Don't worry, they're gonna love you," she says.

The next cut is to the actual party as she makes the introductions between Jimmy and her co-workers. Still, he seems to take the challenge in stride, making small talk and cracking jokes.

See for yourself in the clip below:

While all is going fairly well for now, is this just the calm before the storm?

Better Call Saul, Mondays, 9/8c, AMC

Ask Matt: Crazy About Musical TV, 'YOU,' Differing Views on 'Take Two,' and More

Fri, 09/14/2018 - 9:00am

Welcome back to the Q&A with TV critic (also known to some TV fans as their "TV therapist") Matt Roush, who'll address whatever you love, loathe, are confused or frustrated or thrilled by in today's vast TV landscape. One caution: This is a spoiler-free zone, so we won't be addressing upcoming storylines here unless it's already common knowledge. Please send your questions and comments to (or use the form at the end of the column) and follow me on Twitter. Look for Ask Matt columns on most Tuesdays and Fridays.


Sing Me a TV Musical!

Question: I wanted to ask a question about TV musicals. My boyfriend and I are already big fans of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but the other night we were browsing for something musical to watch, and we were a little stumped. We settled on Bob's Burgers, and although its use of music always delights us, we were looking for a true musical. With CXG ending this season, do you have any suggestions for musical shows to watch? We're not necessarily beholden to shows that are currently airing. We watched about half of Glee and hated it by that time. Rise didn't do the genre many favors, and Smash was a beautiful mess. We're hoping for something to tide us over as we anxiously wait for Rebecca Bunch to come back to us. Thank you in advance! — Jeff

Matt Roush: How I’ll miss Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! It’s almost one of a kind, but the first show that comes to mind that nearly reaches that level of musical-comedy nirvana is Galavant, the Spamalot-style spoof-ical that ran for two too-short seasons on ABC. It’s wonderful, and songs from both of these scores hold up. Also good for a musical laugh: HBO’s Flight of the Conchords, which returns as a live musical special in October. In terms of musical dramas, you could check out Nashville if your taste learns toward country-western soap opera, and Fox’s R&B soaps Empire and Star have their moments (Empire especially early on), and let’s not forget Fame (movie and series).

'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Recasts Greg With Skylar Astin for Final Season 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Recasts Greg With Skylar Astin for Final Season

The actor is best known for 'Pitch Perfect' & 'Graves'.

If you’re in a more adventurous mood, the visionary music-infused British serials of Dennis Potter, most notably Pennies From Heaven and The Singing Detective, are worth a look, as is Blackpool, which was adapted (briefly) by CBS as Viva Laughlin. A notorious flop influenced by Potter, Steven Bochco’s Cop Rock, is also something to behold. I’m sure there are more, but these seem especially memorable to this musical fan. (On those rare occasions when I have time to go into the archive, I also enjoy playing back big moments from classic variety shows and Tony Awards, and no stand-alone musical episode will ever beat Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s “Once More With Feeling.” And of course there’s the new wave of live TV musicals, some even worth rewatching.)

Who Does You’s Stalker Remind You Of?

Question: Is You on Lifetime supposed to be the new social media world's Dexter? — Dawn, St. Louis

(P.S.: I think I enjoy NBC’s Trial & Error so much because of all the laugh-out-loud moments. They remind me of an old, long-gone show I loved: Maximum Bob.)

'You' Shows Viewers How a Fragile Ego Can Lead to Madness 'You' Shows Viewers How a Fragile Ego Can Lead to Madness

Plus, EP Sera Gamble talks about the show's timely theme.

Matt Roush: Not a bad analogy. Here’s my review of this addictively creepy series, one of the few surprises of the new fall season. Like Dexter, we spend a lot of time inside the head of an obsessive, twisted anti-hero (Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl as Joe Goldberg), and the show takes a lot of digs at social media as Joe uses those devices to stalk the object of his desire—while taking sinister action toward anyone he sees as a threat to his pursuit, who tend to be pretty awful people, even if not always deserving of their grisly fate. And as unnerving as many of his actions are, Joe is somehow endearing—not unlike how Michael C. Hall earned our empathy as a serial killer of bad guys.

And thanks for the shout-out to the very short-lived Maximum Bob from all the way back to 1998. That Elmore Leonard-inspired dramedy may have paved the way for the more successful, though equally quirky, Leonard adaptations of Justified and Epix’s current Get Shorty.

A Negative Take on Take Two

Question: As Take Two stumbles off-stage at ABC, I wonder how it went so ... blah. Rachel Bilson is charming and hard-working as ever, and Eddie Cibrian no more wooden than usual (and his dimples are deep). Xavier de Guzman and (especially) Alice Lee brought sparkle to their supporting roles, although Aliyah O'Brien's cop-with-benefits character seemed to have wandered into the wrong show. But writing was the real puzzler. Castle creators Terri Edda Miller and Andrew W. Marlowe are credited for each episode, along with a short list of staff writers. But there was no consistency: A few episodes popped, most plodded, and too many begged the question "Written by interns?" Makes me wonder: With so many outlets churning out original programming, are some shows scraping the bottom of the barrel in search of writers? The recent resurgence of recycled shows (retreads and spinoffs) argues that original ideas are at a low ebb. Good writing requires a voice and a vision: Maybe there's not enough of that to go around in Peak TV World. — John

'Take Two' Star Alice Lee Thinks You Should Watch the Show — And She'll Sing About It! (VIDEO) 'Take Two' Star Alice Lee Thinks You Should Watch the Show — And She'll Sing About It! (VIDEO)

The actress and off-Broadway star loves creating weekly musical tune-ins for the cop dramedy.

Matt Roush: An interesting point of view, but not sure it’s a fair comment aimed at a show with such minimal ambitions. A negligible but inoffensive show like Take Two would probably be worse if it had aimed higher. It was intended as light-mystery summer fluff, and most of the mail I get on the show indicates it hit its mark. As a critic, I found the show instantly tiresome, and the entire premise the sort of thing that better shows (like Castle) might dismiss in one mildly amusing episode. But I also see the value of comfort food for those who are seeking this kind of escape. In the bigger picture, there obviously is a bidding war for top producers and writers to fill what now appears to be a bottomless need for new product. As the broadcast networks continue to churn out so much formulaic and derivative fair, the writers are only delivering what their bosses want. For visionary fare and distinctive voices, you’re often going to have to look elsewhere. And many of us do.

On the other hand …

Fans Want More Take Two

Question: So do you like Take Two or is it too light for you? I personally love the show and hope that ABC does also. Would love to see a second season. Do you think that's possible? — Cathy

Matt Roush: The answer to your first question is probably obvious. The answer to your second is less certain. It hasn’t been renewed yet, but being an international co-production it’s likely cost-effective to keep it going, and it makes sense to have a show like this on the bench as a summer or replacement series, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see more episodes ordered.

Nathan Fillion Opens Up About Playing 'The Rookie' After 'Castle' & Why He'll Never Snub Soaps Nathan Fillion Opens Up About Playing 'The Rookie' After 'Castle' & Why He'll Never Snub Soaps

The actor also shares which former 'OLTL' star he wants on his new show and the celeb he's most often mistaken for.

Copycats, Or Just Clones?

Question: I watch both Take Two on ABC and Carter on WGN America. I like both shows, but who stole from whom and how do they get away with it? By the way, I only found out about Carter from TV Guide Magazine, it would never have been on my radar otherwise. I didn’t even know about WGNA network. Thank you. — Ilana

Matt Roush: You’re welcome, but in this case, theft would be pretty petty larceny. The issue here is that both operate in a genre of light mystery capers where originality is rare and familiarity is what they’re aiming for. If they seem cut from the same cloth, that’s by design, and while it appears that Carter was filmed earlier than Take Two, and both productions were based in Canada, I doubt one was looking over the other’s shoulder.

Kristian Bruun Talks Procedural-Comedy 'Carter' & How This Compares to His 'Orphan Black' Role Kristian Bruun Talks Procedural-Comedy 'Carter' & How This Compares to His 'Orphan Black' Role

The Jerry O'Connell-starring series just kicked off on WGN America!

An Afterlife in Syndication for Streaming Shows?

Question: I know in the past if you make enough episodes, the program can go into syndication on local broadcast TV stations and/or cable networks. This has been the thought pattern for a long time. Now with so many online streaming shows, such as Fuller House, Star Trek: Discovery, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, the Marvel-related programs, etc., is there life for these shows in the after market beyond Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video? These streaming companies are making episodes after episodes, but beyond DVDs and staying online on their respective streaming network, do you think any of these shows would find its way to old-fashioned TV broadcasting? I was looking at Orange, and I noticed how many episodes it has made, it just got me curious about future use of episodes. My guess is that Fuller House could be the first series that could easily make the jump with reruns on some form of telecast off-Netflix). Maybe Star Trek: Discovery at some later, later date as well. Your thoughts? — Bud

Matt Roush: Another interesting and complicated topic that we’ve dealt with here before, but already one show is making the leap from streaming to “linear” TV: Early seasons of Netflix’s cult animated comedy Bojack Horseman (which launched season 5 on Friday) will begin airing alongside a new season of South Park on Comedy Central, starting Sept. 26. This is a reversal of the usual practice, because these streaming services originally existed as a place to store these libraries of previously aired content, and as we’ve discussed before in this space, many shows that once aired in syndication (and some that still do) have all or much of their entire catalog available for streaming on one or another of these sites.

 Spectacular Streaming on Hulu ('The First') and Amazon ('Forever') Roush Review: Spectacular Streaming on Hulu ('The First') and Amazon ('Forever')

A look at Hulu's drama about the first manned mission to Mars and Amazon's comedy about the endurance of a relationship.

A syndication window for streaming series does provide another revenue stream, so we’ll probably see more shows like Bojack eventually cross over, and I know there’s an audience hoping for the day a show like Star Trek: Discovery will be shown without a paywall. But most of these shows will stay exclusive, at least for the foreseeable future, to the services that ordered and paid for them. Premium exclusive product is how they attract customers, which is why most of them got into the original series business in the first place.

Lightning Round and FAQs

Question: In Britain, did the Brit/U.S. series You, Me, and the Apocalypse run more than the one season shown in the States? It was a well-written show which like Lost left me pondering the last episode while anticipating the next. — Dave

Matt Roush: Sorry to say this adventurous series didn’t make it to a second season on either side of the pond. We’re not the only ones who cancel promising cult shows with not enough audience.

British Reality Show 'Love Island' Coming to America British Reality Show 'Love Island' Coming to America

CBS has bought the US formatting rights.

Question: Whatever happened to The Son on AMC? Is it ever coming back, or did I somehow miss season 2? — Pam

Matt Roush: You haven’t missed it, though many are wondering the same thing (according to my mailbag). AMC just hasn’t scheduled it yet. A longer time between seasons than most—Season 1 ended a year ago in June—but the same network’s Better Call Saul also spent more than a year off the air between seasons, so maybe fans of this Western drama will get some relief soon.


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John Legend Joins 'The Voice' Season 16 as Its Newest Coach

Thu, 09/13/2018 - 3:05pm

The youngest EGOT winner in entertainment history can now add The Voice coach to his highly-impressive resume.

John Legend is joining fellow musical superstars Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton as one of the coaches on the four-time Emmy-winning musical competition series.

Kelsea Ballerini Joins 'The Voice' as a Fifth Coach Kelsea Ballerini Joins 'The Voice' as a Fifth Coach

The 24-year-old country star will serve as a coach in the companion series 'Comeback Stage.'

"John Legend is a one-of-a-kind musician and producer with remarkable skills that are beyond measure," said Paul Telegdy, President, Alternative and Reality Group, NBC Entertainment, in a statement. "His multi-dimensional career and incredible talents provide a repertoire that will excite and inspire our artists. This coaching panel is sure to ignite Season 16."

Legend will make his debut in Spring 2019 and can't wait to provide guidance to a fresh crop of up-and-coming stars.

He said in a statement: "I’m thrilled to join the coaches of The Voice. I've been a guest and mentor on the show multiple times and I’m so excited to discover talented singers and help them make the most of their gift. I hope the world is ready for #TeamJL."

 Jennifer Hudson & Kelly Clarkson Return as Coaches 'The Voice' Season 15: Jennifer Hudson & Kelly Clarkson Return as Coaches

Along with Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

Legend's lists of accomplishments is nothing short of spectacular — he won a producing Emmy for Outstanding Variety Special (Live) for Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert, won an Oscar in 2015 for his original song “Glory” (co-written by Common) from the hit movie Selma, he has 10 Grammys, and took home a Tony Award in 2017 as producer of August Wilson’s “Jitney,” which won for Best Revival of a Play.

This September, the NBC series premieres with coaches Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton.

The Voice, Season 15 Premiere, Monday, Sept. 24, 8/7c, NBC

'God Friended Me' Co-Creator Calls the Series 'Heartfelt' Without Being 'Preachy'

Thu, 09/13/2018 - 3:00pm
30 PM ET/PT on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Screengrab/CBSÌ?å©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Miles Finer (Brandon Micheal Hall) has friends in high places in God Friended Me. Well, one very powerful friend in a very high place. Possibly.

The atheist podcaster’s world is rocked when he accepts a friend request from a social media user claiming to be God. The strange coincidences that follow lead Miles to journalist Cara Bloom (Violett Beane), and the pair set out to unmask whoever is behind "the God Account."

 'NCIS,' 'Bull,' 'Murphy Brown' Revival & More CBS Fall 2018 Premiere Dates: 'NCIS,' 'Bull,' 'Murphy Brown' Revival & More

Plus, find out when the 'Murphy Brown' revival will kick off.

In their search, Miles and Cara reach out to those whose social media profiles are suggested to them by the God Account, putting them in contact with an array of strangers struggling with their own issues. "What [Miles and Cara] learn helps them in their own lives," says co-creator and executive producer Steven Lilien.

The duo will also deal with personal problems, most notably Miles’s fractured relationship with his dad (Joe Morton), an Episcopalian preacher. "The God Account makes Miles question how he sees the world and the way he expresses his message," co-creator Bryan Wynbrandt says.

Despite the theological queries, "The show’s not preachy," Wynbrandt adds. "It’s a lighthearted but heartfelt approach to examining humanity."

God Friended Me, Series Premiere, Sunday, September 30, 8:30/7:30c, CBS 

'The Conners' First Images Offer a Hint at Roseanne's Exit (PHOTOS)

Thu, 09/13/2018 - 2:45pm

Roseanne fans have been through a lot in recent months, and it looks like they won't be getting a break anytime, judging by these newly-released photos from spinoff The Conners.

In the image above, returning stars Laurie Metcalf, Lecy Goranson, Sara Gilbert, and John Goodman look upset as Metcalf's Jackie appears to be delivering bad news. Could it be about Roseanne's (Roseanne Barr) demise? Goodman did recently hint that that could be coming...

'The Conners' EP Bruce Helford Teases Reason for Roseanne's Absence 'The Conners' EP Bruce Helford Teases Reason for Roseanne's Absence

Plus, how Dan's stepping up without the matriarch.

The premiere episode, aptly titled "Keep on Truckin,'" further alludes to the family's resolve to move forward without its matriarch — whatever the reason for her absence. And the episode's log line suggests that the outlook is bleak for the once title character.

It reads, "a sudden turn of events forces the Conners to face the daily struggles of life in Lanford in a way they never have before." Presumably, this refers to the potential loss of Roseanne, but fans won't know until more details are released.

As for the other photos, family continues to come first for the Conners, as Dan does a cheers with his grandson Mark (Ames McNamara) at the kitchen table.

31 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Eric McCandless) JOHN GOODMAN, AMES MCNAMARA

Meanwhile, Becky and Darlene share a laugh over bills in the family home.

31 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Eric McCandless) LECY GORANSON, SARA GILBERT

And then there's Darlene and Aunt Jackie, who are standing in the kitchen with two very different expressions. Could those casseroles and pots on the counter indicate a time of mourning? We wonder.

31 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Eric McCandless) SARA GILBERT, LAURIE METCALF

Find out for sure what's next for the family when The Conners premieres October 16.

The Conners, Series Premiere, Tuesday, October 16, 8/7c, ABC

5 Buzzed-About Moments From the 'AHS: Apocalypse' Premiere

Thu, 09/13/2018 - 1:30pm

[The following article contains spoilers from the Season 8 premiere of American Horror Story: Apocalypse.]

The apocalypse has commenced in Ryan Murphy's new season of American Horror Story.

Wednesday night was the premiere and fans got their first look at the eighth edition of this anthology series which is a crossover of Season 1's Murder House, and Season 3's Coven and as all AHS fans know, in the beginning we have a lot more questions than answers.

 Apocalypse' Cast Photos So Far All the 'AHS: Apocalypse' Cast Photos So Far

The 'Murder House' and 'Coven' crossover season premieres in September.

Apocalypse only has ten episodes so it started right off with the world. Here are five moments we're still buzzing about:

5. Bye, Bye Billy

Billy Eichner's character didn't live too long but we still got to see him yell at people on the streets, inspired by his best Billy on the Street moments.

After a number of nuclear explosions killed the majority of the world's population, the amount of people who survived is slim to least the least.

'Billy on the Street' Gets Web Series Revival Produced by Lyft 'Billy on the Street' Gets Web Series Revival Produced by Lyft

Emma Stone, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and more make up the star-studded lineup.

4. DNA

The audience is taken to Outpost 3 where we meet Timothy (Kyle Allen), a "chosen" survivor who was by an organization called the "Cooperative" because his DNA is special. They found him because he his genetics were registered on an ancestry website... very Black Mirror and begs the questions: what do those sites do with all your DNA information?

3. The Color System

The Outpost also divides its inhabitants by a color class system: the purple group are the elite, worthy, and chosen while the gray group is basically indentured slaves.

Purple members include: hairstylist Mr. Gallant (Evan Peters), his grandmother Evie (Joan Collins) and Coco St. Pierre (Leslie Grossman), a billionaire, and celebrity Dinah Stevens (Adina Porter). One important gray member is Mallory (Billie Lourd), who was Coco's assistant.

2. Wilhelmina Venable

Miss Venable, to you, is played by Sarah Paulsen and she's the "face" of the Cooperative, who happens to love Victorian era fashion, and the chills she gives you are very, very real.

1. Michael Langdon (Cody Fern)

Yep, the same baby from Murder House... now with some long Jesus hair. He's all grown up and visits Outpost 3 to announce that another shelter exists with tons of supplies, but it's only meant for "those most worthy of survival" and who joins him is up to his discretion.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Wednesdays, 10/9c, FX

Chaos Rains Down on 'Castle Rock' & More Crazy Finale Moments

Thu, 09/13/2018 - 1:00pm

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 1 Finale Episode of Castle Rock, "Romans."]

Hulu's Castle Rock concluded its first season Wednesday night and offered some shocking insight on the town's dwellers.

The series which began with the discovery of The Kid (Bill Skarsgård) in a cage led viewers on a wild journey that explored the town's mythology, a family's haunting past, and much more. Henry Deaver (André Holland) returned home to the sleepy Maine town and all hell broke loose, but by the finale's end we know what's responsible for the peculiar events... kind of.

'Castle Rock's Wicked Woods & More Crazy Moments from 'Henry Deaver' 'Castle Rock's Wicked Woods & More Crazy Moments from 'Henry Deaver'

Things aren't as they appear.

We're taking a look back at some of the episode's wildest moments and breaking down what it all means below. Read on for the finale break down, but beware of series altering spoilers.

Ruth's Cycle

Picking up where the eighth episode left off, Henry is alerted that his mother Ruth (Sissy Spacek) is missing which leads him on wild chase disregarding the cops questioning him at the bed and breakfast. Eventually Molly (Melanie Lynskey) finds her in a precarious spot — perched at the edge of the bridge like the same day Alan's (Scott Glenn) ceremony took place. Their exchange suggests that Ruth's continuous cycle through time and space is still going on and that the conversation has happened before.

Once she's returned home and tucked into bed, she clutches the chess piece which grounds her in reality, but did she ever find peace? By the episode's end, we discover Ruth passes away in the months following the events of the story, buried alongside her love Alan. Despite the somber tone, this conclusion may be construed as happy since she's no longer stuck in an unending loop.

Those Cursed Paintings & More 'Castle Rock' Moments From 'Past Perfect' Those Cursed Paintings & More 'Castle Rock' Moments From 'Past Perfect'

Plus, theories, creepy inns, and more.

Molly's Path

 Dana Starbard/Hulu)

After bonding with The Kid in the penultimate episode, Molly is a little too keen to help the oddball character. When she reveals what she's learned about The Kid's "past" she pleads for Henry's help, but he's ready to have the being locked up. Despite Henry's adversity to the situation, she follows suit with his orders to bring his son Wendell (Chosen Jacobs) back to Boston, and leave Castle Rock, and her life turns out better because of it. Almost like a sacrifice, Henry frees Molly from the cage of the town and its memories only to be caged himself... but more on that later.

The Warden's Fate

The finale included many similarities to the premiere, including an odd suicide committed by Shawshank's warden. The event occurred shortly after the prison was closed down, and Warden Porter (Ann Cusack) found a little carved figurine in her apartment. She seeks out The Kid, suspecting him of playing tricks, and she tells Molly that Warden Lacy (Terry O'Quinn) was right — The Kid is the "f***ing devil." But moments after Molly expresses concern for the woman, she turns towards the street right in front of a bus that happens to be transporting prisoners from Shawshank. Talk about irony.

A Major 'Castle Rock' Death & More Moments Explained From 'The Queen' Episode A Major 'Castle Rock' Death & More Moments Explained From 'The Queen' Episode

Plus, did you catch those Leonardo DiCaprio movie references?

The Kid's Prison Break

 Dana Starbard/Hulu)

When Henry is taken into custody after being accused of killing the man in the woods who had locked him in the sound proof chamber, he alerts authorities to The Kid's location. Little did he know that they would be put in cells next to each other. As they talk, The Kid continues his case, telling Henry he needs to go to the woods. When prisoners from the bus that hit Warden Porter are brought in and The Kid and Henry are forced to share a cell all hell literally breaks loose.

From a fight within the cell to brutal gun fights, chaos follows this terrifying being, but Henry no longer has a choice when they break free. Holding him at gun point, The Kid ushers Henry towards the woods and away from the scene of the massacre. When they arrive the sound they both hear gets louder, but instead of some peaceful transition, The Kid's face contorts into an ugly mask of horror — what is he? Viewers don't get much time to decide as the scene cuts forward one year. But it's abundantly clear, The Kid isn't exactly human.

What Might Fans Expect From 'Castle Rock' Season 2? What Might Fans Expect From 'Castle Rock' Season 2?

The series is set in the same universe as Stephen King's works.

Some Things Should Remain Caged

 Dana Starbard/Hulu)

In the future timeline, Henry's still living in Castle Rock and working as a lawyer. He remains at the house he grew up in, but isn't neighbored by Molly as she's now a successful realtor in the Florida Keys. Meanwhile as Wendell visits for the holidays Henry has his own task at hand. As we see him sneak into Shawshank, the conclusion is becoming more and more clear, and when he reaches the hatch, it's sealed — Henry's taken over as prison guard for The Kid.

When he joins him in the hatch, he offers up a burger and fries "for Christmas." But why is he here? Does Henry know something we don't? Or is The Kid truly evil? Suspecting from the final shot of The Kid's eerie smile, it wouldn't be difficult to say yes, but his remark, "after a while you forget, which side of the bars you're on," certainly leaves you thinking long after the credits.

 'Castle Rock' Viewers Are in For a Frightfully Fun Ride Roush Review: 'Castle Rock' Viewers Are in For a Frightfully Fun Ride

Neither adaptation nor remake, the Hulu series aims high in seeking new menace within Stephen King’s fabled town of terror.

Jackie's Family History

It's no secret that Jackie Torrance (Jane Levy) is a descendant from the family depicted in Stephen King's The Shining, and a mid-credit scene hints that we may learn more about her history. Castle Rock's been renewed for Season 2, so could Jackie's trip out west, and affinity for horror be the next installment? It would certainly be intriguing and keep the characters we've met in Season 1 relevant. Make what you will of it, but we can't help but hope.

Castle Rock, Streaming now, Hulu

Emmy Spotlight: Nominees We Want to See Win (PHOTOS)

Thu, 09/13/2018 - 12:05pm

Four TV Guide Magazine staffers on who we want to see take home the gold.

 Matt Roush's Picks For Best Actress, Actor, Series & More 2018 Emmy Predictions for Drama: Matt Roush's Picks For Best Actress, Actor, Series & More

Find out which actors and actresses and series are likely to get the statue on September 17.

Primetime Emmy Awards, Monday, Sept. 17, 8/7c, NBC

3 Scary New Series Coming to Netflix Soon

Thu, 09/13/2018 - 10:00am
Into the Dark

Series Premieres, Friday, Oct. 5, Hulu

Creepy Casting: Tom Bateman and Rebecca Rittenhouse star in the premiere of this monthly holiday-driven anthology. First up: Halloween!

Main Monsters: Bateman plays a hit man lugging his victim through the L.A. streets. “He’s hiding in plain sight,” teases Jeremy Gold, copresident of production company Blumhouse TV.

Fearful Influences: The show takes known horror tropes and “turns them on their ear,” Blumhouse co-president Marci Wiseman says. “Black Mirror is a reference we use a lot.”

Hulu Announces Horror Anthology 'Into the Dark' With Dermot Mulroney & Ray Santiago Hulu Announces Horror Anthology 'Into the Dark' With Dermot Mulroney & Ray Santiago

The anthology features Dermot Mulroney, Ray Santiago, and more.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Series Premieres, Friday, Oct. 26, Netflix

Creepy Casting: The Archieverse’s half-witch, half-mortal is played by Mad Men vet Kiernan Shipka in this dark coming-of-age tale.

Main Monsters: Sabrina’s big antagonist is the Dark Lord, an evil force like those in folk tales. “We see the devil in many incarnations,” creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa says.

Fearful Influences: Not Melissa Joan Hart’s TGIF series! This Sabrina looks to Aguirre-Sacasa’s original graphic novel and adds retro vibes in the vein of The Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby.

The Haunting of Hill House

Series Premieres, Friday, Oct. 12, Netflix

Creepy Casting: The 10-episode drama features an impressive cast, with Timothy Hutton, Henry Thomas, Michiel Huisman and Carla Gugino.

Main Monsters: The house…and those living in it. “The best scares are born of the characters themselves — their secrets, insecurities and fears,” says creator Mike Flanagan.

Fearful Influences: The story, from Shirley Jackson’s 1959 novel, “is iconic and was adapted perfectly [as a movie] in 1963,” Flanagan says. “Our story is really its own thing.”

The Haunting of Hill House

Rupert Grint Talks Season 2 of Sony Crackle's 'Snatch' Series & Moving to TV After 'Harry Potter'

Wed, 09/12/2018 - 6:00pm

Harry Potter's Rupert Grint is moving on from magic into the world of heists with Sony Crackle's Snatch, which enters its second season Thursday, September 13.

The actor, known for playing Ron Weasley in the blockbuster film franchise, reprises his role as Charlie Cavendish in the crime comedy, which sets its sights on Spain for its sophomore run.

With new baddies to conquer and territory to fend off, there's plenty in store for Season 2. Grint spoke to TV Insider about the new episodes, executive producing the streaming series, and more.

 From 'Riverdale'’s KJ Apa to 'Outlander'’s Sam Heughen TV's Top 25 Redheads: From 'Riverdale'’s KJ Apa to 'Outlander'’s Sam Heughen

TV Insider has gathered a list of our favorite TV gingers. These actors and actresses rock red hair on screen, whether they've dyed their tresses or it comes au natural.

What can fans expect from Charlie this season?

Rupert Grint: He’s kind of new Charlie — he does have a fake tan [Laughs] can’t wait for that — I think he’s matured a lot. In the first [season] there was this blossoming love interest for Charlie – he fell in love with Chloe Koen (Stephanie Leonidas) — a jeweler who helped out with a lot of scams. By the end of Season 1 we’re kind of in a relationship, but somewhere on the way from London to Spain she kind of just heads off and leaves Charlie alone. So, at the beginning of Season 2 he’s still a bit damaged from that. And I think that kind of changes him a lot.

He’s a bit more grown up, he’s not drinking as heavily as he was, and he’s kind of straightened out. The whole gang is trying to live a life without crime – doing things properly with running the bar on the beach — and everything seems to be going pretty okay. Of course, it’s not long before everyone misses their old life and the thrill of doing a scam.

Grint with costar Luke Pasqualino in Snatch.

Last season, Charlie was hung up on Chloe. Will anyone else grab his attention going forward?

Yeah, there’s kind of something towards the end — nothing really major. In this series Charlie is a lot more ready to step up to the plate, take charge, and kind of lead. So that’s something we see him get keen to do. He kind of feels like he doesn’t want to be in the background. He has this desperation to prove himself among the gang because he is not a very natural fit for that kind of world. So there’s a lot more of him trying to take control and impress people.

Charlie is a distinctly posh character. Is there anything in particular that inspired your performance?

Now that I’ve seen the second series, I know him quite well. So he becomes his own thing. He’s quite a strange character, he’s got confused life I think, and a lot of it is an illusion where he’s from this once wealthy family that live in squalor. He’s really proud of that family and what they once were, and he kind of wants to hold onto that.

What's Streaming on Sony Crackle Original, HBO Now, & Prime Video Original What's Streaming on Sony Crackle Original, HBO Now, & Prime Video Original

Don't miss the series premiere of 'Rob Riggles’s Ski Master Academy.'

Although he does reject his family — he never talks about them, he stripped away from that and so it’s confusing sometimes to know why he still puts up this front. All of these characters are from broken families and that’s the reason they find each other and form this dysfunctional family in a way. [Laughs] He’s not this natural gangster material, he just shouldn’t be there.

At its core, the show is really about friendship and family. Are you all as close off-screen as you are on?

We get on really well. It was great filming in Spain. It was a long time — five months — it was a lot of fun socializing and living near each other. It’s a great bunch.

As an executive producer on the show, what’s the collaboration process like?

It’s really interesting, I’ve never done anything like this before — Snatch is my first look into this. It’s an interesting perspective; I think I’ve learned a lot through being on that side of things. It’s more of a kind of laid back role, but it’s interesting to have an opportunity to see that side of what it takes to make a production. It’s really fun.

Grint, Lucien Laviscount, Phoebe Dynevor & Pasqualino in Snatch Season 2.

You’ve done everything from film and music videos to voice work and now TV, is there anything else you’d like to pursue? Directing perhaps?

Yeah, I don’t think I’d be very good. I’m not great at making decisions; I don’t have that kind of assertiveness that I think it takes to be a director or also a concept of having the whole story. I think directing is quite difficult, I don’t think I’d rush into that. Maybe long-term down the line. And I’m enjoying getting quite well rounded. In Potter it was so much fun, but it was quite a bubble. So I’m enjoying exploring and kind of trying new things.

Suits are one of your character’s staples; do you ever snag them for yourself?

Yeah, some of them, not all of them [Laughs]. It’s quite a bold taste. Also Spain is so hot. It is not a very practical way to dress — and the cravats… It was a lot going on especially when you add a fake tan.

 Rob Riggle on His Dream Co-Star, the Show He Wants Rebooted & More My TV Obsessions: Rob Riggle on His Dream Co-Star, the Show He Wants Rebooted & More

Plus, the 'Rob Riggle's Ski Master Academy' shares his favorite show, the person who makes him laugh most, and more.

Charlie is some of the show’s best comic relief. Is it easy to deliver those scenes or do you break sometimes?

Oh yeah, all the time. I’m the worst for that. It’s never really those kind of scenes, it’s always the serious scenes, like someone’s death where you absolutely shouldn’t laugh. That’s when I find it the most difficult, the serious more quiet scenes. They’re a funny bunch of people. It was a regular occurrence.

For those less familiar with the show, what makes Snatch worth watching?

Well, for fans of the [Guy Ritchie] film Snatch — it very much is of that world. Although it is completely new characters and set present day, it has that language and dialogue that’s is very much of that tone. It’s just a lot of fun, you never really know where it’s going. There’s some great characters, especially this season, we’ve got some great Spanish actors that are just really cool. Obviously, a lot of times it can get quite serious and dark as well.

 Find Out Which Series Will Return for Another Season Renewed TV Shows 2018: Find Out Which Series Will Return for Another Season

Plus, find out which of your other favorite shows are coming back next season.

The series is available to binge on Sony Crackle. Are you binging anything right now?

Yeah, I think TV has been really good the last year. This binge-watching has become such a powerful thing. I’ve been watching a lot of crime, true crime, and Sharp Objects with Amy Adams is really good. [Also,] Stranger Things. I’m really enjoying doing TV as well. It’s fun to build up a character over a series and have a journey with it which you don’t always get with film when you’re trying to tell a story in a short amount of time. Especially with Snatch, we never actually knew what was coming because it was being written as we went along. So it’s quite an exciting way to work.

Was TV is appealing to you because of it’s similarity to the Potter franchise, in that it’s a series?

Yeah, absolutely, I loved playing Ron, I mean that was a long time – 10 years with the character in that situation. I did put a lot of myself into Ron. I’ve always had a connection to that character anyways, so we merged into the same person by the end. I think that’s why I’m kind of enjoying doing [TV].

I think with every character I’ve done you always put a bit of yourself into it. But yeah, it’s a very similar process. It’s kind of unique to Potter and other films that are a series I guess, they’re really carving out a journey, and that’s something that [you get to do with TV]. So it’s definitely a similar process, and I’m really enjoying it at the moment.

Snatch, Season 2 Premiere, Thursday, September 13, Sony Crackle 

2018 Emmy Predictions for Drama: Matt Roush's Picks For Best Actress, Actor, Series & More

Wed, 09/12/2018 - 5:45pm

Are you ready for the 2018 Emmys?! We sure are, as this year's nominees are so evenly-matched, it's sure to be an exciting night come September 17.

In anticipation of TV's biggest night — this year airing on NBC — we got our own top critic Matt Roush to share his predictions for who will take home statues in all of the major categories. (Plus, he's talking who actually should win and who was totally snubbed from nomination.)

 Matt Roush Gives His Series & Acting Picks 2018 Emmy Predictions for Comedy: Matt Roush Gives His Series & Acting Picks

Which series and funny guys and gals will go home with statues in 2018?

Today, we're onto the drama contenders: Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Lead Actor/Actress in a Drama Series, and Outstanding Supporting Actor/Actress in a Drama Series. With stars from shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, This Is Us, and Game of Thrones, we have no idea where this one will bring us — but Matt does!

Click through the gallery above for his picks, and sound off with your own in the comments below!

'Dancing with the Stars' Season 27 Cast Talks Theme Nights, Rehearsals & More (PHOTOS)

Wed, 09/12/2018 - 5:00pm

ABC revealed their Season 27 cast for Dancing With the Stars early Wednesday morning on Good Morning America.

So what does this fresh blood think about the impending competition? TV Insider caught up with the stars and pros in New York City to discuss the new season.

 Meet the Cast (PHOTOS) 'Dancing With the Stars' Season 27: Meet the Cast (PHOTOS)

A 'Bachelorette' alum, an Olympic gymnast, a 'Dukes of Hazzard' star, and more!

From theme nights and rehearsals to nerves and beyond, the actors, musicians, reality stars, and athletes didn't hold back when it came to answering the big questions. Click through the gallery above to see what the cast had to say about the new season!

Dancing with the Stars, Season 27 Premiere, Monday, September 24, 8/7c, ABC


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