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I have decided it is time to speak up. Too many things have been happening and so many of us are remaining silent. Granted, the death of George Floyd was horrific. To think one policeman put pressure on him long enough to kill him and that three other policemen stood by and watched without trying to stop him—senseless, horrible and murder. I don’t think anyone is excusing this violence. Also we are enduring a time of stress with the COVID-19 situation, so temperaments may be high. But is that any excuse for the rioting and burning of buildings, all the graffiti, destroying statues, and persons being injured and even killed. I think not. Now they want to defund the police, again, I think not. Who is paying for the rioters to be shipped in and be out and about? They have to eat and find a place to sleep. Who just happened to place pallets of bricks in convenient places for the rioters to throw them through windows and at police or by-standers? This was all planned and very organized. We have heard of many groups behind this, but the funding of it is an important issue. Notice I am saying rioters, not protestors, as peaceful protesting is allowed by law. President Trump stands with the police force across the country as they work to keep us safe. Let us support him on this.
We were almost “SOLD OUT” while Obama was president. Remember his statement “America is no longer a Christian Nation.” I really believe that God chose Trump to run our nation. In the Bible God chose David to lead his people. Even David was not always faithful to the word of God. I’ve sometimes said I wish Trump was more presidential—but what can he do when so much of the media is against him and continue to twist his message.
I really feel for you lifelong democrats—your party used to be grounded in the rights of our country. But now, there are a few power heads that have taken over and have some bad ideas, so they are changing whatever you held dear to your party. Here I want to quote a line I read, “We don’t love Trump, but he is our only hope.”
This goes way back to taking prayer out of the schools, I recall my mother saying, “If I had known what Madalyn O’Hair would have accomplished in taking God out of our schools, I would have marched at Washington D. C..” Children since then are only getting that   education from their parents or their church—if they go to church and if their parents are God fearing people. President Trump is working to get prayer back into the schools. Let us support him on this.
We allowed persons not to stand for our flag and the national anthem. Colin Kaepernick has signed to do a movie with Disney and ESPN on his life. This is a time I will protest, as I will not go to that movie. I will stand for our flag. President Trump stands for the flag. Let us support him on this.
During the Civil War, we fought, believing, in God’s sight “All Men Are Created Equal.” Since then many people of all colors have been able to make a wonderful life for themselves, they have risen above the feeling that no one is better than they themselves. (Granted, we do have some people who have a problem here and that needs to be addressed, but at the same time, there are many of us that look at the inner person and not the color of their skin.) To this day, there are persons of color who stand up and say this is a country that has allowed them to become what they have wanted to be and live as they want. Some, however, have chips on their shoulders or look for an excuse to blame others. A well-known actor says, “ Let’s not call each other black or white, but Americans,” and this embraces not just Black Lives Matter, but All Lives Matter. President Trump is not a racist, as he is so often called. He believes we are all Americans. Let us support him on this.
The media is horribly anti-Trump; it has been proven time and again. Did you hear President Trump’s speech at Mt Rushmore? It was maybe his finest; it was wonderful. Much of his speech was on patriotism, yet the media turned what he said around. But, later an article was written to correct the media on their twisted thoughts of his speech. Let us support him on this.
WAKE UP fellow Americans. If you want more of the truths, watch FOX or on your smart phones listen to Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Mike Huckabee, Candance Owens, Mark Levin, and there are many others. Remember all the good things that President Trump has made happen these years. Of course, the situation of the last months has caused a definite decline, but our president had the foresight to do many things that have saved us through the pandemic. So, now the markets are going back up, the unemployment has been going down again, the wall is being built so people can come in legally, and he is promising many more things that are going to improve our great USA.
If any of you have this feeling that it is time to step up and not remain the silent majority, now is the time. Let us flood the Graphic with letters and show the world where we stand. Stop caring about what everyone will think, and care about what God ‘s word says we should do.
A quote from 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name shall humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; Then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
Have you ever thought that you were each born for such a time as this? So, write a letter, and yes, there is something else we can each do about it, because they say many Christians do not vote.  VOTE this November.
Esther Halvorson

Lake Mills Graphic

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Lake Mills, IA 50450

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