Carbon free nuclear energy; cheap, plentiful and green

 I’d like to give a “shout out” and sincere thanks to fossil fuels for bringing civilization to where it is today in terms of the health and prosperity on planet earth. Fossil fuels, Mother Nature’s green technology, advanced the planet farther than any alternative could have.
Mother Nature, one of God’s earthly “shop foremen,” is known for her occasional tantrums. But her phenomenal imagination provided valuable energy for early humans. When these ancients needed survival solutions, they discovered Mother Nature’s rudimentary, but ingenious, recycling solution. Organic materials were constantly transformed from dead plants and animals into various kinds of carbon-based energy sources.
For millennia, humans used carbon-based kindling and wood for cooking, warmth, and safety at night. As human knowledge advanced, they discovered other plentiful and useful energy sources. Coal, oil, natural gas, and natural organic fertilizers allowed modern society to develop and thrive.
But let’s not rest on our laurels. God’s gift of wisdom should be used to carefully manage the earth’s resources. If impetuously employed, potentially advantageous mechanical and technology breakthroughs might end up useless. We must use our “wits” to safeguard our physical and financial security.
We humans are often too impatient to deliver smart solutions. Recently, for example, after achieving long sought and coveted energy independence, the current administration quickly cancelled pipeline development, and rules and regulations discouraged or stopped new drilling opportunities on public lands. Our still fragile energy independence, so precious to our economy and national security, soon disappeared.
Soon after squandering our precious energy independence, the President approached OPEC, “hat-in-hand,” requesting increased oil production. He’s now making another attempt with Saudi Arabia. Russia’s tragic invasion and war in Ukraine has made the world-wide energy emergency even worse. It’s time for the U.S. to exploit our massive oil and natural gas resources for our own benefit and to come to Ukraine’s and Europe’s aid.
The U.S. and other advanced nations are not ready to deliver on the idealistic dream of eliminating fossil fuels. That promise was proclaimed in the Green New Deal and Build Back Better legislative proposals, and the President foolishly still has that in his short-term sights.
Wind, sun, and other natural phenomenon abound, and we hear predictions about developing battery technology for energy storage. But we’re not even fractionally ready to rely on them to carry the burden of our energy requirements? These sources are intermittent at best.
The sun doesn’t always shine, and winds don’t always blow. You can’t store wind and sunshine like you can oil and gas. Without massive and clean energy storage capability, it won’t matter how plentiful those alternatives are.
The requirement for having baseload energy available on a moment’s notice isn’t possible when depending on intermittent energy sources. That’s where fossil fuel baseload energy capabilities must be front and center for a long time to come. But wait. How about nuclear energy?
My appreciation for clean energy is why I’m astounded by the decades-old refusal to permit the building of nuclear power generating plants. Nuclear power is well established as a proven provider of baseload energy requirements. And it deserves high and improving marks for being environmentally safe.
Modern technology has significantly reduced safety and waste management issues of nuclear energy. Its problems are well understood and controllable. Fusion and other more exotic processes for generating and delivering nuclear power are in the works. It’s time to resume major expansion of our nuclear energy capabilities.
If CO2 is your concern, be assured that nuclear energy produces none of it. How can one be serious about discontinuing fossil fuels without expanding nuclear power capabilities? Many experts believe the dream of eliminating fossil fuels becomes a pipedream without nuclear power as part of the strategy. The administration wants road transportation to be 100 percent electric. How can clean energy powered charging stations be added to the grid without a massive boost from clean, modern, nuclear energy?
I say again, when you hear fossil fuels being disparaged as a disgusting pariah, speak up and give a salute to fossil fuels for getting mankind over those tough early millennia. And eventually, knowledge and technology gave us nuclear power as a dependable green energy source. “Much obliged,” Mother Nature!

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